Welcome to the Green Pedometer

Can a hopelessly out-of-shape grandmother find fitness? This is the big question. My marathon running daughter keeps trying to encourage me. Her latest gifts to me include a running shirt and a green pedometer. Will I be ready to walk a 5K in less than 2 months? Stay tuned and find out.

Friday, June 21, 2013

The Hopeless Blogger

As a reliable blogger, it turns out I am Hopeless.  Lazy.  Worthless.
A recent comment on this blog by Chatty Crone reminded me I actually had a blog.  I had forgotten.  Thank you Chatty Crone :-)

Life has a way of getting in the way of all my plans.   Last summer my brother and I developed a plan to clean out our grandmother's little vacant house and move our mama in.   Mama had been in a nursing home for several months, was on heavy duty zombie drugs so she wouldn't cause any trouble, and going downhill so so so fast.  So I spent weeks cleaning out the house so my brother could remodel.   We brought Mama home in a wheelchair with round the clock caregivers in October.   Slowly, we weaned her off all the drugs that were messing with her mind and phased out round the clock nursing care.   Mama has gained 25 pounds and is able to walk short distances now.  She has a lady who comes in 4 or 5 hours a day on weekdays to cook, clean and help with showers.  I go one day a week and my brother takes a day.  Her life is good.

To further derail my plans to exercise, lose 20 pounds and get healthy, I ended up having a hysterectomy last March.  What I did not expect was that 3 months later I would still be swollen, sore, and worthless. After a couple of setbacks in healing, my doc finally released me to ease into exercise.  Deciding enough was enough, I got back on the treadmill 3 days ago and could barely go 20 minutes on a really low speed.   Nevertheless, I have made myself repeat the torture yesterday and today.   Surely it will get easier if I just persevere.  Wish I knew what to do when my belly continues to swell every night.   Exercise seems to make it worse.  *sigh*

I do have more joys to share.  All 5 grandboys are healthy and happy. I have already had 3 tomatoes and several meals of kale from my secret garden on the back deck.  The weather has been perfect the last few days and the mountain laurel was gorgeous this year.  And I found out that I can fit three carseats in the back of a Prius!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday thoughts

I rarely miss church.   It's usually the highlight of my week.   But today I am sporting a long incision down the side of my face with 7 ugly stitches holding it together.   Somehow, I just cannot bear to go to church and answer all the questions.   So I am going to church with Charles Stanley on TV today.   And David Jeremiah.   And Ed Young.   I have several preachers I follow on my satellite radio and feel like they are old friends.  It's a rare treat to catch them on TV because I am usually in my own church on Sunday.

But I do not get a day of rest today.   The two friends who were supposed to help my youngest child move out of his college apartment have found things to do that they think will be more fun.  I suspect they are right.   So the college boy, who is now a med-student, moved everything out by himself.   Everything except for one of those BIG HEAVY CARGO desks and a double bed.   Let me mention he is on a 3rd floor apartment.   And I am rehabbing a fractured patella.   I am a last resort.   The hubs is going to help.  God bless him!

Note to the finking out kids whom my son helped with their moves:   You reap what you sow.  Yes, jet-skiing is more fun than helping someone move out of a 3rd floor walk-up.   But you are breaking a promise.  YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW.  I know my son will forgive you, because that is the kind of kid he is.  And he will still be your friend.  And I am very proud of him :-)  But I doubt that he will be willing to help you move ever again.

What about you, readers.   Has anyone ever broken a promise to you?  

And does anybody know if a full sized mattress and boxsprings will fit in a Toyota Sequoia?   That desk is going straight to Goodwill.   I am NEVER going to have to move that thing again.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Workman brothers at the beach :-)

 Can anybody look at this picture and NOT smile?  These are my 3 oldest grandsons.   I don't know how to do blog pictures, but my daughter just sent me this picture.  When it downloaded, I noticed a little box that said "blog" and I clicked it.  Sure surprised me when I typed in my email address and it came up like this!   Wow!   I'm impressed :-)
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Yesterday I walked the dogs a very short distance, two times.  Since I am rehabbing a dislocated kneecap with an avuncular or avicular fracture (or something like that), this was very tough.   I live on a very steep mountain, so walking involves the agony of making the injured knee pull me back up. And did I mention it was 95 degrees?  But the short trips were manageable.  See me smiling :-)   I know it isn't much, but it is something!  And something is way better than nothing. 

A while ago my daughter gave her dad some ointment for aching joints.  I have stolen it from him and am pleased to report that the smelly old stuff works extremely well.   I need to order more because I have almost used it all.  When my hubby is able to get back on the treadmill (soon we hope), he is going to come looking for that magical goop and I might be in trouble. :-)  And if any of my readers are whining with painful joints or muscles, pop over to TwoBearsFarm.blogspot.com and ask Lisa where she got the Eco Natural Joint Pain Relief ointment.  It's chemical free and works in 10 minutes or less.  The relief lasts a long time.  This is not a commercial and I am not a paid spokesperson.   Just a grateful geezer with a bad knee.

Oop, I tend to jump around with my thoughts.   Back to what I did yesterday.   After the walks, I took the black lab muttster to the vet for his yearly checkup.   He usually acts like the gold medalist of canine idiots, but this time he was actually charming.   The nylon band that replaced his torn ACL last year is holding tight.  sweet!!!!  Don't you love it when surgery works?

I also had a very old friend show up at my house for knitting help.  Her son and his wife are expecting their first child, a boy, so Carol is making the most artsy looking baby blanket.   If I knew how to post pictures in a blog, I would put that blanket on here.  (Lisa-help!)  It is red, black, cornflower blue, and cream and in big geometric shapes that will be so visually stimulating for a baby.  Truth be told, Carol has dropped so many stitches on that blanket, I think I may have knit as much on it as she has.  :-)   I love teaching people how to knit! 

And my crowning achievement for yesterday was dinner from the Farmer's Market.  Granted, it wasn't fancy at all.  It was just so fresh!   I had potatoes, corn, sugar snap peas, sliced cukes, tomatoes, and farm fresh deviled eggs.  (sharing a joy here....finally found an organic mayonnaise my hubby likes for when I don't feel like making it in the food processor).  For dessert, we had organic peaches from a farm down the road.  I still have a bunch of kale and more corn to cook for tonight.  And there are two peaches left.  Ain't life grand?

 The Lord's been good to me. :-)   But I still need to get on that exercise bike today......

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

actualy met one goal today

The fractured kneecap is slowly returning to normal.  Only minimal pain now, so I managed to ride a stationary bike with no tension for half an hour this morning.  Yay!

Yesterday I had another lesion removed from my face.  Now, like several times before, I get to think about this until the biopsy report comes back.  Is it my imagination or my age that so many more people seem to face medical trials these days?   My thoughts lead me to try my hand at poetry again.....



He must have slunk in 
through the basement door.
Taking his time
unnoticed by me.
for how long
Until he reared his devious devil head
and knocked me to my knees.
Perfect Pain.
Malevolent Misery.
My disintegration begins.

Monday, July 23, 2012

 A test of whether public announcement of goals can implement actual completion of said goals.  Is there hope for procrastinators?

Coming soon.....essays, poetry and maybe a short story or two as I try to get my writing mojo back.
Fitness log as I finish rehab on a fractured kneecap and try to re-lose the 20 pounds I re-gained after losing weight 2 years ago.
Trying to counter my whining and complaining with counting my blessings.   I am doing a Facebook Fast and need an outlet for all the stuff I used to post on FB.  Will try to make it more of a praise report than a whinefest.
An attempt to make my daughter teach me the ins and outs of managing a blog.  She wants to learn how to make soap, so we will swap talents.   I do worry about using lye around the grandboyz, especially asthmatic Cort who should not EVER breathe lye fumes, but maybe I can take an interesting new toy and convince them to stay in their rooms during the lye part.
I have two fall babies to knit for.   Goal:  Baby Surprise Jackets with hats and socks.   Hope to add a blanket for Elaine's new grandboy.
Details on my declutter project as I attempt a grand plan to not be profiled on reality TV shows and get my home in order.
Resuming Flylady, a program that kept me sane during the homeschooling years when housework was the last thing on my list.
Last but not least, I hope to write the curriculum to the writing program that I designed and implemented with JOhn from second grade until he went to college.  It is based on great literature, so it's a two for one deal.    I know it works because John is such an excellent writer and loves to do it.  I want to put it on the web for free use by homeschoolers.    Too many try to get by on one income so Mom can be home educating the kids.    This could be my way to bless those folks :-)
So now my goals are out here for all to see.

Just because this has never worked for me before does not mean it can't.  Does it?

Friday, February 24, 2012

The green pedometer is broken

Okay, so I dropped the pedometer and broke it.  So my life has been a series of  coping events since last August.  I have begun to realize that the people who depend on me right now need for me to be healthy.  So I am on a quest to find the time to exercise every day, to eat properly all the time, and to continue to fuel my faith and my spirit with daily Bible study and prayer.
How about you, reader.  What are your best tips for reaching optimum levels in every area of your life?  How do you set your goals, launch a plan, stay on track?
I am the Queen of  Procrastinators and the Prime Minister of Lazy.  How does one overcome a lifetime of underachievement?
Should I write to Dear Abby for advice?
Oh wait a minute!  Dear Abby is dead, isn't she?
Maybe I should just go buy a new pedometer :-)